Where do babies come from? All kind of places. From Moms and Dads, from sole parents, from two mom families, from surrogates, from IVF, from donors, from two dad families, from divorces, from trans people, from cis people, from poly families, from straight people, from...

Maybe you've heard that Durham Lactation is a goals based practice, but I wanted to take some time today to talk about how I arrived at that point of view. What does "goal’s based" mean? The broad strokes are that I am not formula shaming, nor do I accept samples or ma...

Happy Father’s* Day to everyone reading this who celebrates it. 

These gendered holidays can be complex for those of us in queer families. Maybe we have complex relationships with our families of origin or maybe we are building families that the world doesn’t always ref...

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Durham Lactation, LLC is a lactation consultant service. Serving families in Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough, Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Wake Forest, Garner, Graham, Burlington, and beyond. I offer highly skilled, non-judgmental  lactation and postpartum care centered around your goals. Working together, we can find solutions to nipple pain, mastitis, plugged ducts, oversupply, low production, slow weight gain and any other lactation concerns you might be dealing with.


I offer personalized breastfeeding education/breastfeeding classes/pumping classes/bottle-feeding support/breastfeeding support/help breastfeeding multiples/home visits/prenatal consultations to help you make a breastfeeding plan and so much more. 


In addition to lactation and postpartum care I am part of a network building LGBTQ resources for families in the south. Including parenting classes/parenting groups/gender affirming lactation care/trans chestfeeding and breastfeeding support. 


Web site photography is provided courtesy of local Durham families and the incredibly talented Lis Tyroler Photography. Please do not use without consent.