Prenatal Consultation:

 During this initial visit, we will discuss your unique circumstances, concerns, breastfeeding goals and challenges. This visit includes a physical assessment and medical history review. Following this, we'll work together to make a personalized breastfeeding plan to get you off to your best start with your new baby.


Lactation Consultations

Having trouble with establishing breastfeeding? Facing unexpected challenges during your breastfeeding journey? A 90 minute consultation provides the support you need to meet your goals. Working together, we'll assess and identify challenges, provide solutions, and create a comprehensive care plan.

In home and in office available depending on need. 

$175 (travel fees may vary)

Phone or Video Consult

Not located in Durham, NC but want highly skilled goal's based care?

This visit is a full 90 minute consult on FaceTime or Skype to assess your goal's and make a plan to meet them. Great for talking through latch pain, increasing milk production, moving through over supply, planning to return to work and so much more. 

Full or Mini visits available. 

Full Visit $150 Mini Visit $75

Lactation & Craniosacral Therapy, Combined Consultation

Durham Lactation has teamed up with Harvest Moon Body work to offer integrated lactation and Craniosacral Therapy (CST) in one visit. This is not only a convenient way to access both therapies, but gives comprehensive multi disciplinary care for complex cases. This is a great option for oversupply, breast refusal, bottle refusal, breast pain and ankyloglossia (tongue tie). 

Find out more about Ayden Cox, LMBT and Harvest Moon Body Work 

Find out more about CST 


Bottle Feeding Consult

Bottle feeding is it's own art with its own challenges. Learn paced bottle feeding, WHO formula preparation, safe milk handling practices and more.

Will your baby not take a bottle? Lets work together to make a plan to work through bottle refusal. 

Whether you are formula feeding, exclusively pumping, using donor milk or doing a mix: Durham Lactation is here to help. 


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Lactation Services

Helping you meet your breastfeeding goals.

Durham Lactation

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Durham Lactation, LLC is a lactation consultant service. Serving families in Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough, Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Wake Forest, Garner, Graham, Burlington, and beyond. I offer highly skilled, non-judgmental  lactation and postpartum care centered around your goals. Working together, we can find solutions to nipple pain, mastitis, plugged ducts, oversupply, low production, slow weight gain and any other lactation concerns you might be dealing with.


I offer personalized breastfeeding education/breastfeeding classes/pumping classes/bottle-feeding support/breastfeeding support/help breastfeeding multiples/home visits/prenatal consultations to help you make a breastfeeding plan and so much more. 


In addition to lactation and postpartum care I am part of a network building LGBTQ resources for families in the south. Including parenting classes/parenting groups/gender affirming lactation care/trans chestfeeding and breastfeeding support. 


Web site photography is provided courtesy of local Durham families and the incredibly talented Lis Tyroler Photography. Please do not use without consent.