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World Breastfeeding Week: Beyond being a white lady breastfeeding your baby in a meadow.

August 4, 2016

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Are you still googling your breastfeeding problems?

Are you still googling your breastfeeding problem? 

So many of my visits begin with my beloved clients saying the words “well, I read on the internet that…. “

y’all, we know that Web MD is not a doctor. And google is not a lactation consultant.


Here is my little list of reasons why you should stop googling your breastfeeding problems and work with an IBCLC




  • There are a lot of things in lactation care that sounds like one thing, but are really another. 

Yeast might actually by vasospasm. Biting might actually be over-supply. A dairy allergy might actually be an over tiredness. There are so many things in lactation that can be self diagnosed all wrong. A trained and skilled professional can look at all the pieces and figure out the underlying cause of what is actually going on. These misdiagnosis can do real harm to your breastfeeding goals. And honestly…. lets not cut cheese out of your diet unless we absolutely have to. 


  • Lactation consultants are really good listeners. 

There is usually more to a breastfeeding issue than the surface milk/baby/nipple piece of things. A skilled LC can hear you, help you find systems that will make your life easier and help you. We can work together to reframe what is going on to help you meet your goals more gently and help you feel less alone. 


  • We have baby scales

LCs work with extremely sensitive scales that can track your baby’s weight and intake down to the gram. This gives us a much better picture of what is going on with your baby than holding your baby on the bathroom scale. These numbers help us make sure you are on the right track and help you be in control of your breastfeeding journey. 


  • If you have an emergency is it good to have someone to call

If you are faced with a bad case of mastitis or are prescribed a medication that you are not certain is safe it is really helpful to have a trusting relationship with a skilled provider. We all sleep better with the peace of mind of a definitive answer.

I said better. Not well. You have a newborn. You wont sleep well for a while. 


If you are going to turn to the web, google responsibly. Here are some reliable websites that we recommend:


Infant Risk Center

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