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World Breastfeeding Week: Beyond being a white lady breastfeeding your baby in a meadow.

August 4, 2016

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Playing with your phone while nursing: The Podcast Edition

Breastfeeding in the early days can feel like it goes on forever. So what are you to do while gazing lovingly at your baby (or, if we're being honest, when you've run out of lives on candy crush)? This is the beginning of a series of suggestions for how to pass the time when all it feels like you are doing is nursing, pumping or bottle feeding. 


When I’m not helping families at Emerald Doula I am a huge podcast person, so here is my list of my top 5 podcasts to listen to while you feed your baby. 


Mash-Up Americans: Clickear Here


How do you “mash-up”? This podcast by two moms examines the way that American’s culturally and racially mash-up to make our unique families and communities. This episode is all about how we mash up language at home. Do you speak Spanglish in your house like me? Or maybe like Emerald Doula Suzanne Lee your kid throws in some Bahasa Malay-glish and Ching-lish


Stuff mom never told you: Dad Bods


Stuff Mom never told you is all about the secrets of being a woman. Listen in as these researchers deep dive into why Dad Bods are hot and ask “what the heck is with Mom Bods?”.


Surprisingly awesome: Broccoli


Do you have an older child at home who thinks broccoli is not so awesome? Well listen in as the guys from radio lab convince each other that Brassica oleracea is actually beyond awesome. Bonus: they offer some great insights into why some kids wont touch the stuff and why we make them try it anyway. 



Longest shortest time: Accidental Gay Parents

Postpartum hormones alert! This one is a weep -fest.  In the best possible way. I LOVE the longest shortest time and this four part series about a trans dad and his husband adopting and gestating babies is my all time favorite. 


Judge Jon Hodgeman kitchen Loco Parentis



Now that you are done weeping with joy, drop in on the honorable (fake internet) Judge Jon Hodgeman. In this case the judge decides: should a toddler be using a kitchen knife and frying plantains? Listen in on this hilarious parenting dispute. Maybe you’ll even submit a case of your own. 


I promise these long nursing stretches wont last forever. But if you don't believe me you can always download the audiobooks of Harry Potter as read by the amazing Jim Dale and see if you can nurse your way to book 7.

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