Even as a second-time mom who had breast-fed baby number one for a year, I knew I needed the support of a lactation consultant with the new baby. Working with Victoria Facelli at Durham Lactation provided so much more than just support and advice, it was positively therapeutic! Her real talent was not simply being an expert on the ins and outs of breast-feeding, it was making me feel confident in my own abilities and teaching me how to get super comfortable during the actual feeding (which is strangely something that doesn't always come naturally). Somehow she made what can typically be a very challenging time seem easy and manageable. Plus, she is fun and hilarious! I always looked forward to our visits. When a new mom asks me what's the most important thing/gadget/book, etc. to get before baby arrives, I hand over Victoria's contact information. A lactation consultant is absolutely essential and she is the cream of the crop!


Victoria is a wealth of knowledge and is a wonderful, enthusiastic teacher! She meets you where you are and is incredibly engaging. So far, I have taken a breastfeeding class and a pumping and milk storage class with her, and my goal is to take every class possible with her! As an androgynous queer woman who is starting her family through adoption, I come to lactation from a unique place, and Victoria never missed a beat and has been the perfect teacher match for me!Her classes are insightful, her demeanor is engaging and warm, and she's just an overall pleasure to be around and to learn from.


I recently attended Victoria's class on Pumping & Going Back to Work and it was so, so helpful. Her approach was both knowledgeable & specific, but also laid back and flexible. I loved getting concrete knowledge about using the pump, storing and handling breast milk, etc., but also learning to trust your body and know that it will adapt to your own pumping needs, however varied they may be. I felt so comfortable during the class, and it truly gave me so much confidence to begin pumping so that breastfeeding can fit my schedule and lifestyle.


Victoria has been a breath of fresh air to work with over the past several months! She has helped me through multiple bouts of blocked ducts / mastitis and has gone to great lengths to make sure I'm taken care of. Her personality makes her a joy to work with and she does such a wonderful job at keeping things in perspective. Highly recommend!


In terms of breastfeeding support, Victoria is not a militant, exclusive breastfeeding only type lactation consultant (like some you might have met). Her goal is to support you in reaching your breastfeeding goals, whatever they may be. As a result, she really listened to me and asked intuitive questions to discern what was and wasn't working as I tried to breastfeed my first baby. As she helped me solve early breastfeeding struggles and new ones emerged, she offered concrete strategies that were tailored to my specific issues (big baby, cracked nipples, oversupply). She empowered and guided me to find the latch that worked best for me and my baby. I came out of that really tough first month or so with way more confidence that I had going in. My baby and I continue to have a great breastfeeding relationship, and I credit that to Victoria.


She was incredibly nice and informative. She really put me at ease and made me comfortable enough to express my concerns. Overall terrific experience.


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Durham Lactation, LLC is a lactation consultant service. Serving families in Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough, Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Wake Forest, Garner, Graham, Burlington, and beyond. I offer highly skilled, non-judgmental  lactation and postpartum care centered around your goals. Working together, we can find solutions to nipple pain, mastitis, plugged ducts, oversupply, low production, slow weight gain and any other lactation concerns you might be dealing with.


I offer personalized breastfeeding education/breastfeeding classes/pumping classes/bottle-feeding support/breastfeeding support/help breastfeeding multiples/home visits/prenatal consultations to help you make a breastfeeding plan and so much more. 


In addition to lactation and postpartum care I am part of a network building LGBTQ resources for families in the south. Including parenting classes/parenting groups/gender affirming lactation care/trans chestfeeding and breastfeeding support. 


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